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Only for Elementary School - Dec 9, 2014
The administration activly recruits excellent teachers and then provides fantastic opportunities for teacher development. The quality of teaching is directly reflected in the achievement of all the students at the school and the success rate they have in the IB curriculum, especially when the school has open enrollment and all students are strongly encouraged to complete the IB diploma program. This environment coupled with the community spirit and welcoming attitudes of the school administration, students and parents, makes ASB a unique place to be. The school mission is embraced enthusiastically. - Feb 28, 2014
Absolutely yes. most of the literature in Mumbai directs expats to the American School of Bombay, which is rapidly becoming majority non-resident Indians (ethnic Indians) and is losing its expat feel. DSB is smaller, very responsive, academically challenging (in the English language, British curriculum section), and much less expensive. We are thrilled here and will stay for the rest of our time here. - May 29, 2011