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Services for gifted students who need academic challenge and students with learning difficulties:

The ES school has an excellent special needs program for children with special needs and learning difficulties to include ADHD and others. However, the MS is lacking. I do not recommend ASB if you have a child with special needs or learning difficulty. They only have 1 teacher and an assistant. The fabulous speech pathologist works between the ES, MS and HS. The teachers do not communicate with parents regularly even when asked to do so. It is not a good environment for Special Needs students or students with learning difficulties despite what they say to parents. Unless you can support your child on your own, do not choose ASB MS for a special needs child. - Dec 9, 2014
B: The Student Support Team in conjunction with course teachers and the HS counselor and school psychiatrist identify students who need academic challenge as well as those who need additional support. The IB curriculum is rigorous so the majority of students at the school are sufficiently challenged by the program; however, those students who can be further challenged are provided with support/opportunity in a variety of forms. The website provides detailed information: and in the Student Support Services Parent Handbook: - Feb 28, 2014
C - May 29, 2011