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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Good availability, high quality and inexpensive. I paid $250 per month for a full time maid and $200 for a full time gardener. Both lived in a house behind the main house. - Sep 30, 2017
Readily available, often well educated. Salary ranges from 200-250 USD and bonuses are expected (Xmas for example) as well payment of school fees. - Jul 6, 2017
We paid our live-in maid $250/month and our live-in gardener $200/month. - Jul 5, 2017
Widely available, costs are reasonable (from US$300 a month), there are agencies for full time and part time staff - Apr 16, 2016
US$200 a month, live-in. - Dec 8, 2013
Maids are available from US$100-$200/month depending on skill. Gardeners are similar. - Jul 29, 2013
Widely available and cheap. Full-time housekeepers and gardeners run about $100/mo. You need someone at your house full-time to do all the yard work (most properties are on about an acre!) and to deter daytime break-ins. - Jun 21, 2009
Cheap, but quality varies. - Dec 5, 2008
Very available and very cheap. We have a fabulous nanny for US$150 a month, a great gardener for US$75 a month. Housecleaners are available for US$75 a month and up. Drivers for US$5 a day etc..... - Sep 26, 2008