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How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

You can get pretty much everything that you can in the states with some things cheaper and some things more expensive. Most things come from South Africa. - Sep 30, 2017
Several South African chains (supermarkets) with lots of groceries available.Prices fluctuate and are now on the increase. Many products do not have information about ingredients which is scary if you know some of the realities in this country. - Jul 6, 2017
Almost everything was available from South Africa. Some things like meat were cheaper than the US while other things like car parts and maintenance were more expensive. - Jul 5, 2017
Most of what you need is available from supermarkets - Food Lover's Market, SPAR etc. Cost seems to be reasonable. - Apr 16, 2016
Everything is available, although the brands are 90% South African, not U.S. or European. Prices are similar to those in the U.S. - Dec 8, 2013
Produce, though very much available, varies in cost seasonally (as it should!), so plan your menus. Sometimes red peppers are US$4/kg (US$2/lb) and sometimes US$18/kg. Fresh meat is available and is on par with DC area prices: US$6-$10/kg for chicken breast (boneless, skinless), US$4.50/kg fryer chicken, US$6.50/kg for bone-in thighs (in bulk) and legs too. The Butcher's Kitchen, Billy's and Supreme Butcher have good meats, also Fruit and Veg in Greendale (Greendale and Samora Michel). Dry goods are often imported from South Africa and are VERY expensive. Fresh bread is available and not expensive. Cleaning supplies are available and on par with U.S. prices. Plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, parchment paper, trash bags (bin liners) and zip lock bags are very expensive. Freezer paper is not available. Local (blah) beer is available not not expensive. South African wine is available for US$6-$$$$ a bottle. Liquor is available, some premium brands, at prices on par with those in the D.C. area, save some brands which are enormously expensive. Local brands are much less expensive. - Jul 29, 2013
Right now, pretty much everything is available in the local stores, although you might have to make a few stops to get everything. There are great produce shops, butchers, and South African chain stores. - Jun 21, 2009
Anything is available on the black market if you have access to foreign currency. Costs are higher than the U.S. or Europe. - Dec 5, 2008
Things are very expensive and hard to find now, but last year i woudl have said it was all cheap and relatively easy to find things once you know where to go for what. Things change here fast., so hard to say but at the moment, we are importing lots from South Africa every month (facilitated by the embassy). - Sep 26, 2008