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Are there problems with ethnic or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Not sure how to answer the religious prejudices question--for us, we noticed a lot of Apostolic groups which are very conservative groups where women's roles are more closely aligned w/US beliefs in the 1800s. Child marriages in rural areas is common. - Sep 30, 2017
There are definitely racial tensions that don't often come to the surface unless when going to concerts where a lot of alcohol is being consumed or when politicians make racist remarks. Overall Zimbabweans are very peace-loving and friendly though. - Jul 6, 2017
There is some stereotyping of white people but it's rare among educated people. As for gender prejudices, again they tend to exist more among poorer and/or less educated Zimbabweans. On the one hand there are many women in positions of authority and running businesses. On the other hand, there is domestic violence, many husbands have so-called "small houses" (secret second wives or families) and view women as their property. There are women's organizations and public figures who campaign and speak out against these things, so overall progress seems to be happening. I have not seen any religious prejudices in Zimbabwe. There are many religions and denominations practiced here and countless churches, and I have never heard of any of them having any problems. - Apr 16, 2016
No. Zimbabweans are very much aware of their racial differences. It's part of their history. But they are also instinctively tolerant of each other and of foreigners, despite the ruling party's constant playing of the race card. Although Harare is a small town, there are all the same ethnic and religious groupings you'd find in any US city: blacks, whites, east Asians, south Asians, Latinos, Muslims, Jews, Mormons, and so forth. Makes for better restaurants. - Dec 8, 2013
The Rhodesians are white, so coming here as a Caucasian makes one blend in to that group. There is not a lot of prejudice towards Caucasians. There is much more prejudice towards Blacks who are not native, ironically by (only some) staff. I am not aware of any religious prejudice. - Jul 29, 2013
Yes. Definitely -- but it goes both ways. Local blacks say racist things about local whites and visa-versa. As a foreigner, you're sort of removed from it, but I do get tired of all the racial slurs and remarks. - Jun 21, 2009
Yes, typical African society. - Dec 5, 2008
Yes, as with much of Africa there are deeply entrenched racial isssues. - Sep 26, 2008