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Can you save money?

Yes, as long as you take advantage of local rates when you travel and don't buy too many imported products. - May 17, 2016
Probably, if you never leave Lusaka. - Mar 3, 2015
Yeah unless you're traveling all the time or just HAVE to eat like "typical" Americans with all the processed food. - Aug 22, 2014
Yes. - Jan 29, 2014
I highly doubt it. If you never go out to eat, travel, or explore, you probably could, but that seems a miserable way to spend your time in such an incredible part of the world. - Apr 25, 2013
Depends on how frugal you are - maybe. - Jul 9, 2010
No. - Mar 19, 2009
No, not really. The cost of basic living is high enough that it is uncomfortable, and traveling is very expensive. - Mar 7, 2009
Maybe, but don't have any doubts this is an expensive country. - Oct 5, 2008
It depends on how frugal you want to be. If you eat the local diet, and have your housing supported, maybe. - Aug 23, 2008
NO. - May 18, 2008