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Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

There are two AMAZING vets in town - both locals. Ask around and you'll find them easily (i don't know if i can promote one here - Dr. Liza Oparaocha at Showgrounds Vet is world class). There is very good help available for pet transport as well. Very good kennels at Showgrounds Vet Clinic - Jul 9, 2010
It seems ok, but I hear bringing pets OUT of Zambia is prohibitively expensive! - Mar 19, 2009
There are a few veterinarians that are recommended by the community with no complaints. - Mar 7, 2009
Liza at the Showgrounds is excellent, albeit not cheap. - Oct 5, 2008
Showgrounds Vet Clinic and PetVet are both EXCELLENT, first world quality clinics and can help you bring pets into and out of Zambia. Showgrounds runs a beautiful kennel service. PLEASE be careful with your pets though - we see alot of poison thrown over walls by would-be thieves in certain parts of town. Ticks are really bad, and almost all carry tick fever so you should also use monthly spot on tick repellent. on the up side, there's no local heartworm. - Aug 23, 2008