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What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Business. - Nov 16, 2017
Zambians tend to dress up a bit, even in hot or rainy weather. Men often wear suits and women dresses and heels. Formal dress is a good idea for the USMC ball and a smattering of other events, but business usually does the trick. - Jan 4, 2017
Definitely business casual. Formal dress is only required at the ball or if there is a high-level visitor - Jun 8, 2016
Dress in Lusaka is fairly conservative, with women tending not to wear skirts or shorts above the knee. In general, Zambians dress more formally than Americans so you will see many people in suits or business casual attire out and about. - May 17, 2016
At work business casual is the norm. Zambians tend to dress nicely all the time, but are perfectly accepting of even the most casual of outfits. When out in the bush or visiting South Africa you may still see men wearing short-shorts. This is probably not a style you will want to adopt. - Mar 3, 2015
At work - business casual to business and in public - casual. - Aug 22, 2014
First place I've been to where everyone is in suits and tie all day. You go to one of our neighboring countries and no one has ties on unless they're going to an external meeting. - Jan 29, 2014
Shorts aren't widely worn. Other than that, public dress tends towards relaxed but well put together. At work people tend to dress nicely, but still casually. Tradition and practicality calls for muted colors like olive greens and tans for wear on games drives and in the bush. This is especially important on game walks, where whites and bright colors stand out from miles away. Safari clothes are made for comfort and sun protection and are always a good choice for out of town-game areas. - Apr 25, 2013
Casual and business casual. Minimal "modesty" issues. - Jul 9, 2010
Casual. - Mar 19, 2009
Casual. - Mar 7, 2009
Smart casual. - Oct 5, 2008
Zambians dress fairly conservatively, but its not as rigid here as say Accra was. I can comfortably wear shorts to go to the mall, but i wouldn't wear them in the city center market where the local's shop. Most businesses are smart casual or shirt and tie, and Zambian business people dress in suits. - Aug 23, 2008
Most expats tend to dress in business casual at the office and for entertaining. Professional Zambians tend to dress a bit more formally. - May 18, 2008