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What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

We did not have school-age children, but based on what colleagues have said, there are two main English-language international schools: UNIS (one of only two official UN schools in the world -- uses the IB system) and Concordia (a smaller, American system-based school). Both are good and yet are different, so it's worth asking around. Both have good facilities and plenty of school activities and events for kids. - Dec 12, 2017
Most use UNIS or Concordia. I have experience with UNIS and recommend Concordia for academics most similiar to the U.S. curriculum and style of teaching (they have a new campus opening this summer). UNIS has amazing facilities and is terrific for elementary. The middle and high school curriculum does not seem to be transferable to other IB or U.S. schools - they're about 2 years behind. Please keep in mind that UNIS typically has a wait list and does NOT give preferential enrollment to USG students. They receive no funding from DoS and could care less about embassy enrollment. - May 4, 2016
There are LOTS of international schools for a post this size! UNIS, Concordia, Hanoi International School, QSI, St Paul's (new); as well as many others like Singapore International School, Japanese school, etc. My children go to UNIS and we love it! Concordia is building a new complex, but for now anyway, UNIS has by FAR the best facilities. - Aug 14, 2015
They are several international schools. Most families among the embassy community use UNIS. - Dec 13, 2011
UNIS (United Nations International School) is where most expats send their kids although there are beginning to be more options for international schools such as a new American school that is just getting underway this year. UNIS has an IB curriculum from pre -k to 12.UNIS isn't perfect in all respects but it has excellent facilities, teachers and programs. We have kids in the Elementary school and most people we know are very pleased with UNIS. - Aug 23, 2011
UNIS has become a very good school. Most parents are pleased with it. It's not an American school, so your kid won't get as much American social studies as in an American school - and there are a lot of PC-ish topics like global warming. But it's a well-run place for the most part. - Dec 19, 2009
Excellent UN school. - Feb 11, 2009
Hanoi International School and the United Nations International School (UNIS).There are also French, Korean, and Japanese language schools. The U.S. Embassy only accredited the HIS and UNIS with meeting U.S. standards for the first time in 2006. Prior to that families with school age children were not encouraged to come to Hanoi. Education is still the number one concern among the U.S. Embassy community. Parents feel the curriculum is not challenging and that children are studying material covered in earlier grades in the U.S.In addition and like housing, demand is growing and supply is limited so getting children into these two schools is increasingly difficult. As of this writing there are over 200 students on the waiting list for both HIs and UNIS so get your application in early. There are no summer activities associated with the schools. - Sep 27, 2008
Yes, most diplomats from all countries have their children in the UN International School (UNIS). A few are in the smaller, Hanoi International School (HIS). Both schools have a good reputation and academic programs. - May 17, 2008