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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Decent high-speed internet is available, and the cost is zero to $50/month depending on where you live. Ours took a few days to install with the help of our apartment concierge. Internet speeds are DSL, so a bit slower than typical cable internet in the US. - Dec 12, 2017
Yes - again - this is included at the apartment complexes, but if you're in a single family home you will be paying about US$200 a month for several routers to ping through your concrete walls. You will also need to pay for TV whereas it is included in the apartments. - May 4, 2016
Yes, 24 Mbps fiberoptic for US$55/month. However the cable gets cut a few times a year by a "trawler" in the South China Sea and things get a little slow for a couple weeks. - Mar 13, 2015
Slow to moderate speed available. Free to US$50 depending on where you live. - Aug 12, 2014
Internet is supposed to be high-speed, but actual quality has ups and downs. Speed tends to go down in the evening. We pay about US$55/month. Itís OK to browse, but VOIP can be a challenge at times. Donít hesitate to change providers if youíre not happy with the service. - Dec 13, 2011
Yes - our "high speed" internet costs about $55 a month. (It's not very speedy though.) - Aug 23, 2011
Are you joking? They call it high speed, but it's low speed. You can surf the net most of the time, but at times, it can take minutes to load a page. And they charge about $65 a month. - May 23, 2010
Yes, works fine. - Dec 19, 2009
Cheap and plentiful. - Feb 11, 2009
ADSL high speed internet is available. It is reliable and speeds are acceptable but not as fast as in other more developed locations. The internet is not censored. The price for expats is about $60 a month but if you can register in the name of a Vietnamese the price is less than half. Dial-up is also available at much lower prices but quality is poor and the number of users dropping. - Sep 27, 2008
High speed is a relative term here. I pay US$100 a month for 3MBs ADSL but have never gotten more than 1MBs out of it and there are times when it dips below 100kbs. 80% of the time, the service is good enough to run Sling Box on my laptop and watch U.S. programing from my house in Florida over the Internet. I pay about US$100 per month since the service package I have is based on downloaded usage. Most people pay an average of US$30 to US$50 per month. - May 17, 2008