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How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Never used the local post. DPO and pouch take about 2-3 weeks and are reliable. - Dec 12, 2017
DPO - May 4, 2016
Pouch or DPO - Aug 14, 2015
DPO and Pouch for U.S. Embassy. Honestly sending a letter through international mail isn't that bad though. - Mar 13, 2015
DPO. - Aug 12, 2014
DPO. - Dec 13, 2011
Pouch and FPO. But for some reason, it takes a very long time. Several people I know, including me, have had to wait 2 months for letters and packages to arrive. - May 23, 2010
Embassy staff can use DPO. - Dec 19, 2009
Domestic mail is very cheap and reliable. International less so. - Feb 11, 2009
Hanoi has APO/FPO access which is a godsend. The local Vietnamese post is slow and unreliable, with packages broken or lost. Fedex has just begun service to Hanoi for priority packages. - Sep 27, 2008
Vietnam does have an acceptable postal system, though the embassy does have both pouch and an FPO. FedEx and DHL courier services are also available. - May 17, 2008