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Abu Dhabi

Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

Yes, and very expensive but they seem to be worth the cost. I hear that parents are very happy with the preschool options. - Sep 12, 2017
Nurseries in Abu Dhabii are plentiful and mostly good quality, though it's almost impossible to reserve a space before arrival. Most preschools require a tour before they will accept an application. The schools accept ages 0 to 4. Regular school in Abu Dhabi starts with KG1, a pre kindergarten grade. Nurseries will not accept children after they are 4 (though they won't boot them if they turn four during the academic year) and that leaves embassy parents on the hook to pay for much higher "big school" prices if they want their kids to go to school. On average, KG1 is about US$10k a year, plus bus fees. - Jun 8, 2015
There are English medium private nurseries operating in Abu Dhabi with varying philosophies of early years educaton - Jul 20, 2012
Preschool situation is tough. There is not a lot of availability although it's improving. If you're moving here, you need to contact preschools in advance and get on waiting lists. Most preschools are run by Western staff and you can register or make contact online. - Jul 17, 2011
ACS has a preschool facility. There are also a number of Montessori schools that people have been pretty happy with. - Nov 7, 2010
Pre-schools are available throughout Abu Dhabi. There are a few popular ones like Stepping Stones, Bright Beginnings and Jigsaw. Waitlists can be an issue though so plan ahead. Most preschools offer only morning to early afternoon programs. - Jan 31, 2010