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Abu Dhabi

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

It is a travel hub, you can go anywhere from here. - Sep 12, 2017
We visited Omani turtle reserves and saw turtle hatchlings make their way to the sea, camped in the Liwa desert and rolled down huge sand dunes, sat on a catamaran and sailed across the Arabian gulf accompanied by dolphins, went up the tallest building in the world... Like I said, lots to do! - Jun 8, 2015
On a daily basis, climate and traffic aside, Abu Dhabi is a pretty comfortable place to live. Supermarkets are generally well stocked, it's possible to find good quality on most things if you're willing to look hard, and we've enjoyed the cooler winters. - May 19, 2013
Good spot for holidays in places I would otherwise not have considered like Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, and Egypt. Privileged, due to my work, to go beyond the 'expat bubble' and spend time within Emirati schools and homes. - Jul 20, 2012
Enjoying the beaches that line the city's Cornice; traveling to places like Oman and Qatar; enjoying some things (such as household help and luxurious spas) that are prohibitively expensive at home. - Aug 9, 2011
Traffic fines are five times what they are in the United States or Europe, and wreckless driving is abundant; the American Embassy won't help you. The UAE is set up by Emiratis for Emiratis; everybody else is a guest worker subject to firing or deportation at any minute. Foreigners (non-UAE nationals) have absolutely no legal rights; if you were to harm or injure an Emirati somehow, you could be put in jail and be subject to high payments to get yourself out. You can make a lot of money in the UAE, but you're at high personal risk. - Jul 17, 2011
I have loved getting to know other expats. The long leisurely brunches/lunches on Fridays and the countless coffee shops and cafes that the city has to offer are fabulous. The restaurants here are really good and when you tire of those a quick drive to Dubai will perk you right up . I love the leisurely pace especially on weekends. - Nov 7, 2010
Jordan is a short flight from here. It's an interesting place to visit with lots of history to offer. - Jan 31, 2010