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Abu Dhabi

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Driving to Oman, visiting the other Emirates, and camping in the desert. - Sep 12, 2017
Oman turtle reserve, desert trips, camel beauty shows, crazy boozy brunches, amazing Christmas displays at the posh hotels, desert astronomy adventures, the (British) Club, meetup groups, bonfires at kite beach... - Jun 8, 2015
There are some nice beaches, although fewer and fewer free ones. And at public beaches, some people may not feel comfortable in Western swimwear, which attracts either lecherous or disapproving stares. And for five months of the year it is just too hot. There is lots of shopping. Dubai is a regular getaway for many, although that mostly means just more shopping and hotels. The city of Al Ain, in the interior, is an interesting place and a nice weekend destination. And it can be fun to explore the smaller emirates. - May 19, 2013
Fabulous if you like natural history, camping or stargzing in the desert; sailing opportunites plentiful; horse and camel racing worth seeing; a festival of some sort be it falconry, films or food every few weeks in the splendid conference centres; arts well catered for with new Guggeneim, Louvre and classical concert series; world music festival on the corniche and easy distance to Indian Ocean or Mediterranean holiday spots for long weekends. - Jul 20, 2012
Outdoors types will love the desert and the sea; some will love the shopping. When something special is on, AD can be fun - the Film Festival brings in new movies and stars, Abu Dhabi Classics hosts a few high-profile concerts, and there are pop concerts (Shakira, Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dogg, etc.) every few months. - Aug 9, 2011
Many water parks, great restaurants and hotels. India is a 2-hour flight from the UAE; Europe is a 6-hour flight, etc. - Jul 17, 2011
Shopping, eating, and more shopping. Quad bike riding in the desert is fun as well. Trips to Dubai for more shopping and eating are also fun. Visits to the Emirates Palace and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque are a must. - Nov 7, 2010
Desert camping, camping in Oman, clubs, golfing, dune bashing, shopping, day trips to Dubai, hotel clubs. - Jan 31, 2010
Desert Safari, shopping in Sharjah, scuba diving. Spas are abundant. - Aug 25, 2009