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Abu Dhabi

Can you save money?

No. - Jun 8, 2015
It's possible, but Abu Dhabi can be a very expensive place to live, and as one major sanity-keeper is travel, it's easy to lose track of spending. - May 19, 2013
Yes, if accommodation and utilties are part of your package, and if you don't go retail crazy in the malls - Jul 20, 2012
If you're careful, possibly; if you need to live like an American in DC (or like a high-living expat), no. - Aug 9, 2011
Yes; especially for Europeans who don't have to pay taxes back home. Americans can pay reduced taxes under "Foreign Earned Income" regulations. - Jul 17, 2011
NO! I suppose if you never eat out or go shopping, you can save a little bit, but chances are you will travel and all savings will vanish. - Nov 7, 2010
yes we have but there are many things we've had to sacrifice. - Jan 31, 2010
Not really. You still gotta eat. - Aug 25, 2009