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Thoughts that this is an EU/EUR post. - Oct 19, 2017
Expectations. Turkey is so much more than I would have thought. - Sep 21, 2017
Expectations. - Jun 8, 2017
golf clubs. - Aug 2, 2015
Stereotypes about the "typical Turk". Any thoughts that Turkey is a backward country---far from it! - Apr 2, 2015
Dreams of leisurely walking your dog around the city to explore. With the amount of wild dogs everywhere on the main streets, walking your leashed dog anywhere can become quite an issue. Most people carry a stick or device of some sort to help with defense. But if you are also wrestling your dogs on a leash on often broken walk areas, you are likely to injure yourself as well. Additionally locals either love dogs or become hysterically afraid, especially of the ones on a leash. - Feb 14, 2015
Desire to plan everything out to the last detail - Turks are not big planners! Modesty -- if you want to visit a traditional Turkish hamam! - Jun 10, 2014
High heels. - Apr 4, 2014
Preconceived notions that this is a hardship tour or a 3rd world country. - Mar 31, 2014
Bike. It's an unsafe city for driving let alone for bikers. - Mar 30, 2014
American driving rules, because we don't need no stinking rules here in Turkey! - Jul 28, 2013
American driving rules. The quicker you start to drive like and Ankara-native, the happier you'll be. - Aug 4, 2011
notions of a middle-eastern Muslim city. Ankara is a Muslim city, but it is quite westernized. - Jul 14, 2010