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What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Medium-sized. Morale is ok, but worse for the U.S. because of all the unwarranted hostility. - Oct 19, 2017
Large expatriate community. The German, Canadian and British missions all have regular events. Make friends among the community to get invited. - Sep 21, 2017
Very large. Morale is very good among expats. - Jun 8, 2017
Medium sized. I think morale is pretty mixed. There is a segment of people who love it here (me included) and those who find the security situation untenable. It is really a question of what you are comfortable with. Embassy hours are LONG and that has been a real struggle for us. But I love this country and I love the friendships I've made here -- both within the expat community and locally. - Sep 27, 2016
The embassy has a very negative vibe. I have been to many different posts but Ankara is one of the least welcoming I have experienced. - Jun 14, 2016
The community is large, and very diverse. The morale fluctuates with the politics and events - Aug 2, 2015
Decent size. Morale appears good. - Apr 2, 2015
Quite large actually and quite low. The pace of high expectations is quite furious. There are many long hours. Ankara is also an aggressive city on the roads and even when transiting on foot. Due to traffic, it can be a bit harder to break out of the bubble and get some balance and inspiration from getting to know others outside of the work arena. - Feb 14, 2015
People I know seem to like living in Ankara, morale seems good. It doesn't have the color and pace of Istanbul but it's very easy to live here. - Jun 10, 2014
Big community, mixed views. Embassy needs more happy hours for sure. - Apr 4, 2014
Large expat community but since this is such a livable city, there is no need for lots of expat community outreach. There are tons of clubs and exercise groups here but you just have to take the effort to open your eyes and look for yourself. The CLO at the Embassy has tons of information and plans many group events. - Mar 31, 2014
Big community, very low morale. The get togethers are few and far in between, the employment is available but the jobs are low ranked and given as gifts. Being part of the right group might get you a job but the positions are mostly part-time and the jobs are very low leveled. It's not a good post for a career-driven person. The higher management is very hostile to suggestions. - Mar 30, 2014
Small to medium. Everyone gets to know everyone. The Turkish baggers at the commissary know me by name. - Jul 28, 2013
Unknown. Consists primarily of the diplomatic community and a few businessmen/women and teachers. - Aug 4, 2011
Large. - Jul 14, 2010