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What English-language religious services are available locally?

There are services on the military base. - Oct 19, 2017
There are services of all denominations in Ankara. The base provides non-denominational and Catholic services. - Jun 8, 2017
Yes. There is a chapel on base. There is also a Catholic Mass at the Vatican Embassy and an Anglican service at the British Embassy. - Sep 27, 2016
ASF Chapel has non-denominational services which change with the chaplain, Meryam Amana Catholic Church has a regular service with a great community. St. Nicholas Anglican/Episcopalian Church is on the British Embassy and is a liturgical service. IPCA is the International Protestant Church of Ankara and is more contemporary. - Aug 2, 2015
The Vatican, U.S. Dept of Defense chapel at the military base, British church, Mormon services, a very small Jewish group; maybe others I'm unaware of - Apr 2, 2015
There are several - Interdenominational, Lutheran, Anglican, Mormon, Catholic. - Feb 14, 2015
A variety. - Jun 10, 2014
Church at the Balgat Base, Catholic services, British and 1 other missionary church plus a Mormon community. - Mar 31, 2014
I am not religious but there are a few church services available. - Mar 30, 2014
Yes. I know both Catholic and Anglican are available and the base also has services, but I don't know the denomination. - Jul 28, 2013
Yes. - Aug 4, 2011
Yes. - Jul 14, 2010