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Do your research before coming here! - Nov 26, 2014
If you have patience while driving (lots of people walk in front of your car), don't get yourself upset over fresh, not-going-to-last-long produce, and get out and try the really good restaurants, you'll have a great tour. (Those things I just mentioned were what people complain about most.) Good restaurants are La Closerie, Le Golfe, El Firma, Villa Didon, El Babbousha, and Les Falaises. Be sure to visit the Ennasr I and II neighborhoods in northern Tunis for shopping and restaurants, the downtown Tunis medina, the restaurants in the Gammarth hills, the Berges du Lac shopping area, Sidi Bou Said hill shops, and the La Marsa plage beachfront. (Lots of Americans never get outside of the Embassy area to see these other great areas.) - Feb 3, 2012
Tunisia is a great post. The Tunisians are interesting people and there's is a lot of history here. However, the Tunisians are closed off if they do not know you/your family. This might be attributable to the restrictive nature of the government here. Be prepared for this. Also, the day-to-day bad driving and bad customer service can wear you down. Get out of town and enjoy all that Tunisia has to offer. - Jan 13, 2010