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Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

Yes - several daycares and preschools available, working in Tunisian Arabic, French and English. - Nov 29, 2017
A good creche (daycare) is about 350-500 dinars a month. Our experience at a creche was good, they had a menu for the week posted for parents to see which our daycare in America did not do. - Nov 26, 2014
Preschool is available, is cheap, but varies. The popular expat preschools fill up early and have wait lists several years long. You will be told that you cannot get a spot, but if you keep trying, calling at random times, sometimes a spot will have opened and you can jump the line. This is how things work there, don't feel bad about it as someone else would have done it to you, unfortunately. - Jul 29, 2013
Yes, some moms send their babies as young as 6 months, even though they stay at home. - Jun 21, 2013
Everyone with children had hired help at low cost. - Feb 3, 2012
There are many french-speaking schools and one english-speaking. - May 3, 2010
There are many pre-schools in the area. My child attends a Tunisian school for half days, five days a week and we pay about $120 a month. ACST has a pre-k for four-year-olds. There's an English Montessori for ages three and up and a new "British" school with an English curriculum that is double the price that we pay for our Tunisian pre-school. - Jan 13, 2010