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Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes. It is a surprisingly wonderful country and capital -- much nicer than expected! - Nov 3, 2015
Absolutely not, it was the hardest 2 years of my life. It was a learning experience and it made me a more grateful person, but I am beyond glad that it's over with. I would not advise coming here for more than 2 years to anyone. If you have kids I wouldn't even consider it, especially if they've lived in first world countries prior to living here...they will be miserable. If your child is under 2 you might be okay. If you don't know French, learn it before you come! - Nov 26, 2014
I wouldn't go back now with the current political and security situation, but I do not regret having lived there. - Jul 29, 2013
No. Do research to make sure you could live here if you have to come longer than 2 years. - Jun 21, 2013
Absolutely and I was there for the revolution. It's a great country and the Tunisians are good people. They're going to pull through this tough post-revolution time just fine. - Feb 3, 2012
No. Tunisia is a relatively easy and pleasant place to live, but we also found it somewhat boring after a year. It's a small country, and there's a certain sense of having "been there, done that." In one year, we managed to see virtually every major ruin, beach and tourist attraction in the country. Also, the lack of work opportunities for me, as the trailing spouse, makes returning here unlikely. - Oct 28, 2011
Yes, for a short tour - I wouldn't be sad when my 2-3 years was up though. - Jul 11, 2010
We have had fun and our children liked their school, but I can think of somewhere else i would rather go. it wasn't an incredibly enjoyable tour, but it wasn't bad enough to hate it. - May 3, 2010
Sure. This is a gorgeous, safe country with tons of history. - Jan 13, 2010