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What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Home parties, Marine House events, and trips to beach resorts and historical sites. - Nov 3, 2015
Not much! Eating out is about it... - Nov 26, 2014
Lots of dinners and parties among expats, dinners out at local restaurants. - Jul 29, 2013
No bars. Only men go to the coffee houses. No malls. And there are only about 5 good restaurants, which are about $30-$59 per person. - Jun 21, 2013
There are expat clubs, Hash House Harriers, country clubs, and embassy community clubs. The Embassy itself does wine and cheese parties, bunco, triva nights, bbqs, Marine house parties, holiday parties. - Feb 3, 2012
Not much. There are a handful of bars, but they tend to be male-dominated and rather expensive. Most entertaining was in people's homes. - Oct 28, 2011
Our social life consisted almost entirely of parties/dinner parties at our friends' houses. We found it incredibly difficult to make Tunisian friends. The culture is very closed in many ways, so the Tunisians really stuck to themselves. - Jul 11, 2010
There are many clubs and restaurants, but nothing gets started until really late compared to in the US. And expect Tunisians to be late ALL the time. If a wedding invitation says it starts at 8pm, don't show up until 10 at the earliest or you will be waiting around all alone. - May 3, 2010
Most entertaining is done at home. There are a few great restaurants and nice local hotels where you can have a great time. - Jan 13, 2010