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How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

Knowledge of French and/or Arabic will be immensely helpful and important for the day-to-day outside of an embassy or international setting. There are tutors and language institutes available. - Nov 29, 2017
French, French, French! And Arabic helps, too. Everyone speaks French. Very few people speak English. - Nov 3, 2015
YOU MUST BE FLUENT IN FRENCH! If you don't speak good French your life will be challenging here, NO ONE speaks English. - Nov 26, 2014
Some French or Arabic is advisable. There are some English speakers, but you can't count on it. - Jul 29, 2013
You must learn French. Hardly any English is spoken here. - Jun 21, 2013
Some basic French is best for the taxis, restaurants, and cashiers. In the tourist areas, the staff will speak English. - Feb 3, 2012
English is useless outside of a few tourist areas (and even in a few tourist areas). But you can get by with French. I'm embarrassed to say I learned very little Tunisian/Arabic. But I did pick up a good deal of French. - Oct 28, 2011
Not many people speak English, so it definitely helps to have some French or Arabic. In and around Tunis most people speak at least some French. It's a bit tougher with French when you get out of Tunis. Arabic speakers might be frustrated by how much French they mix into any given sentence. - Jul 11, 2010
You need to know at least some French. Arabic is nice to know but not totally necessary. You will have a hard time if you speak only English. The embassy has a good language program. - May 3, 2010
You must speak French or Arabic to survive in Tunisia. The Arabic is different from standard Arabic but will serve you well here, with some minor tweaking. - Jan 13, 2010