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Yes. You can't walk on the beach by yourself, if you go somewhere be aware of your surroundings. You will always be a foreigner since it is West Africa and the economic gap is huge between us and the local population. I used to drive by myself everyday and never had a problem. But I do know of spouses who found themselves in the middle of a riot for example. When in doubt, request the motor pool or try to have a driver. Some spouses didn't want to deal with the crazy traffic of 5 people in one motorcycle and have drivers. I loved the freedom of going anywhere I needed by myself. - Sep 27, 2017
Do not go on the public beach! (There are frequent muggings!) There are nice, private beach clubs that are safe. - Aug 13, 2015
Moderate; beware of your surrounding as you would any place in the world. - May 29, 2014
no if you don't go out at night and walk on the beach at night time (daytime also). DOn't wear jewelry and walk int he market, use common sense just like living anywhere else. - Mar 27, 2011