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Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

We have ants... all the time. Everywhere. Geckos are all around but they eat mosquitos so we let them live ;) - Sep 28, 2017
Expect your ants, cockroaches and flying bugs to visit you frequently while living in Colombo, but all of these can be managed with your personal cleanliness in the kitchen and bathrooms. Mosquitoes can be a problem so make sure your doors and windows (or get screes) are closed during dawn and dusk. There is no malaria but there is dengue fever - our whole family had it at one time or another! - Mar 20, 2017
Mosquitoes--dengue is a problem here. - Sep 28, 2013
Dengue is rampant and VERY dangerous There is no vaccine for it. - Sep 23, 2012
Lots of insects as in any tropical country. Big problem with mosquitos, particularly those that carry dengue. - Dec 7, 2011
Increasing problems with mosquitos carrying Dengue fever. - Feb 8, 2010