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What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

It's hot, year round. Two rainy seasons one in the "fall" ending late October and one in the early summer - beginning in May. Even in the rainy seasons, though, there are periods of sun, it's just when the rain comes, it comes hard and fast. - Sep 28, 2017
Hot and hotter, humid and a little less humid! It is a tropical island, so you get what goes with that and what makes it so green!

It rains from May to September, more or less. However leading up to that, from March to May it is extraordinarily hot! But it is the same in most places in this region. - Mar 20, 2017

Hot, humid, rainy seasons. - Sep 28, 2013
Humid! Two monsoons a year. - Sep 23, 2012
The climate is hot and humid year round. There are two monsoons - in the southwest from approximately April-July/August; in the northeast from November/December-February. - Dec 7, 2011
Two rainy seasons. Rest of the year sunny and around 30 degrees celsius. - Feb 8, 2010
Monsoons in autumn. - Sep 7, 2008
Hot and humid April - November. Pleasant December-March. - Feb 26, 2008