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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Household help is available and very inexpensive. We employ a housekeeper full-time and a gardener part-time. Many of our friends that have cars also employ a driver. - Sep 28, 2017
Household help is fabulous! Of course you need to interview well and find someone that fits your needs, but cleaning and cooking can be combined into one or if you want really exclusive cooking, you may take a person for each of these jobs. Additionally, a child minder can be found that meets all your needs, living in or out and can babysit and work weekends - if you pay them right ($200-300/month).

We had a part-time gardener who we paid approximately $50/week (working 2 days a week), and a cook/cleaner who we paid $200 for full time work. Both were men and they were fantastic! Additionally, I hired an English speaking tuk-tuk driver who was awesome and super with the kids, to do the school pick up (our kids were in the French school), and took them to all their activities - back and forth) I paid him and kept him on retainer $225 per month. This way our vehicle was available for either my husband or I to use throughout the day. - Mar 20, 2017

Readily available for approximately Rs. 1000/day. - Sep 28, 2013
Available and cheap. A live in domestic will be about $200 a month; a driver about $250. - Sep 23, 2012
Very cheap, very available, but training may be required in hygiene and how to clean properly. - Dec 7, 2011
Readily available cost is about 200 USD for a nanny/maid and slightly more for a driver. - Feb 8, 2010
I'm told US$100 a month for a cook or maid. - Sep 7, 2008
About US$120-200 a month dependent on experience etc. Most are ready available but should come with references. - Feb 26, 2008