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Cape Town

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Crime. South Africa in general has a very high crime rate, including violent crime. Large parts of Cape Town are recommended no-go areas for this reason. Carjackings are far more common in Johannesburg/Pretoria but can occur here. Several people have been mugged or robbed walking near the U.S. consulate, and that's in one of the nicer areas of Cape Town. Be aware of where you're walking, don't walk around while distracted with your phone, etc., don't leave any items in your car in view.

Unfortunately, police corruption is a major problem in Cape Town and South Africa generally and police have been arrested recently for colluding with robbers -- including by loaning out weapons, uniforms and so on.

If traveling to Johannesburg, be aware of the spate of "follow-home" robberies of late and if at all possible travel from the airport to your hotel during daylight hours, or use one of the smaller airports as an alternative to OR Tambo. - Oct 1, 2017

Crime is a reality in South Africa but much less so in Cape Town. Most violent crime occurs in areas which are generally avoided but street muggings do occur downtown. It's always a concern when going out but not nearly as bad as the statistics make it out to be. - May 13, 2014
All of South Africa has crime problems, some very violent. That said, we have had no issues going any where or doing anything, as long as we use common sense--doors locked and windows (mostly) up when we drive, don't flash lots of cash or expensive jewelry/cameras, saty out of the bar/night club areas after dark, etc. If you wouldn't do it in a major city in the U.S., don't do it here! - Aug 26, 2013
Crime continues to be an issue in South Africa, but with reasonable precautions, one can be safe. It helps to integrate into society and build friendships with locals in order to learn the best places to visit and those places one shouldn't visit alone. - Oct 28, 2007