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Cape Town

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Probably some. Accommodations are more widely available here than probably most cities in sub-Saharan Africa. Still, the outdoor focus of many Cape Town activities are likely to be more difficult for people with physical disabilities. The lack of safe, reliable public transportation means that if you have disabilities that prevent you from driving, you're likely to have a tough time. - Oct 1, 2017
Yes and no. South Africa's constitution guarantees equal access for the disabled so most museums and government buildings have access built in. Other places are less convenient but South Africans are at least cognizant of the need. - May 13, 2014
Cape Town is surprisingly friendly. In the city itself, there are sidewalks and "cuts" in good repair. While many of the smaller venues in older buildings may present some difficulties, Cape Town is well aware of the power of the tourist dollar and has made great strides in improving accessibility at all major tourist sites. Grocery stores, malls, etc will easily accommodate wheelchairs. Parking a wheelchair-accessible van may prove challenging, as most partking spots are on the smaller side. - Aug 26, 2013
Again, Cape Town is (along with Joburg) the most developed city in Africa, so while there is no equivilent to the ADA, one with physical disabilities would be better off here than anywhere else on the continent. - Oct 28, 2007