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What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

See highlights. It is an easy, lovely place. Virtually no traffic. Ryan Air has cheap flights out of Bratislava airport and Vienna airport is 40 minutes away. - Aug 26, 2017
Proximity to ALL OF EUROPE! I wish I could say we traveled as much as I would have liked but it is really close to everything and RyanAir hub is at Bratislava airport so you could fly, drive, or train all over Europe. Vienna and Budapest are so close that we spent a lot of time in those cities. - Jun 22, 2017
Very safe and very cheap. Easy to fly either from Bratislava or from Vienna. You can get to Vienna Airport with a 5 Euro bus in 45 minutes. They run every 20 minutes. Ryanair flies from Bratislava. By car great highways to Austria or Hungary. - Feb 11, 2017
It's a very easy life here. Everything you need or want to do is available. - Sep 19, 2016
Bratislava is incredibly centrally located in Europe - just 1 hour from Vienna, 2 hours from Budapest, 4 hours from Prague, and 6 hours from Venice. We LOVE the travel opportunities, and being in Slovakia is also fun. We are really enjoying all the bike trails nearby. Life in Bratislava is also really easy to navigate, as the city is compact, so we find we can walk many places we want to go, including work, and only get in our car every few weeks. - Jun 23, 2015
The weather is not too bad, most people are nice, and it is a great base for exploring the rest of europe and scandinavia. - Dec 25, 2009
Bratislava is really a fantastic place. There is no shortage of anything, and you can get just about any place from there very reasonably. For example, if you drive Italy is only 4 hours Vienna is 45 min by train or driving. - Apr 7, 2010