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How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Most things are relatively cheap despite being on the Euro. Food costs were low and eating out was generally cheap. - Jun 22, 2017
Much cheaper here. - Feb 11, 2017
Price of groceries varies depending on which store you choose -- though it's significantly cheaper overall than in major U.S. cities. Most things are available but you often have to go to multiple stores to get everything on your list. - Sep 19, 2016
You can get almost anything here that you would want, although produce is more seasonal than in the U.S. and the quality of produce is a bit lower than in neighboring Austria. Prices seem reasonable and roughly comparable to the U.S. for many items. Anything that is not available here is availabe in Austria, just a 20-30 minute drive away. - Jun 23, 2015
British, French and German hypermarkets have brought in an abundance of choices. Many American brands and ingredients remain hard (or impossible) to find. Average prices are on par with most of Western Europe, noticeably higher than what most Americans are used to paying. - Dec 25, 2009
U.S. prices - and anything you want or need. - Apr 7, 2010