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Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Good for all types, but it is not a large post, so it is important to make a few friends. - Aug 26, 2017
Yes, Yes, Yes. Bratislava has something for everyone! A great nightlife for singles and couples, as well as so many amazing family friendly places... you cant go wrong! - Jun 22, 2017
For both it is good. - Feb 11, 2017
Good for all. There's so much to do here for adults and kids and Vienna is only an hour away -- the options are endless. - Sep 19, 2016
Yes, for all. There are many restaurants and cafes and also museums and some theaters. There are also numerous opportunities for outdoor activities - great bike trails, hiking, running, nearby skiing. Everyone here really enjoys life at this post. - Jun 23, 2015
Yes, for all. - Dec 25, 2009
Great for all - plenty to do no matter if you are married, single or a couple. Single guys really enjoy it. - Apr 7, 2010