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What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Beaches, friends, large homes, cheap help. - Sep 3, 2017
The people are so friendly and welcoming, and the beaches are beautiful. - Sep 9, 2014
No real special advantages. This is a country with very poor infrastructure and very little development. However, there are nice beaches about 30 minutes from our housing, so most weekends people spend some time there. You can get lobster, prawns and other simple dishes at the beach which is also nice. - Jun 19, 2014
Advantages...well, there aren't many. The dollar goes a little further than normal but that's always subject to bribery, fake tariffs and extortion. The beaches are beautiful and the mountain scenery is majestic. - Aug 12, 2013
Has some nice beaches and if you good with your money you can save some. Rains six months out of the year. - Sep 16, 2010