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Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Couple of roaches/waterbugs per month, only ever 2 mosquitoes in the house in two years, no mice but one house we know has had mice. Kitchen clean, do your best, and they can be managed. - Sep 3, 2017
Blister Beatles, ants everywhere, malaria is an issue, snakes (not rally an insect, but you should stay away from them!). Be very careful with any fever. Only Americans take anti malarial meds, other expats are just careful at dusk and dawn. - Sep 9, 2014
Malaria--it's a big problem. Take the meds. - Jun 19, 2014
Mosquitos kill! Malaria is a real danger of this tropical environment. - Aug 12, 2013
Small ants. - Sep 16, 2010