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Do you recommend any books or movies about this city/country for those who are interested in learning more?

A good history of Saudi Arabia and an analysis of political, economic, social, and religious issues. Search on Amazon and you will find all that you may require. - May 20, 2016
- Oct 15, 2015
Finding Nouf , The Kingdom. - Jan 23, 2015
The Kingdom: Arabia & The House of Sa'ud (old but good). The Islamic Dress Code for women. - Sep 28, 2014
- Dec 4, 2013
Inside the Kingdom: Kings, Clerics, Modernists, Terrorists, and the Struggle for Saudi Arabia (Robert Lacey), The Saudis: Inside the Desert Kingdom (Sanda Mackey), My Desert Kingdom: Finding a Life in Saudi Arbia ( Jill Koolmess) - Mar 17, 2013
Inside the Kingdom, Robert Lacey - Apr 7, 2011
"Survival, Evasion and Escape"US Army - Mar 29, 2010
Anything about Bin Laden, terrorism, etc. - Oct 21, 2008
Girls of Riyadh. - Aug 6, 2008