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What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

Many people had SUVs but we didn't, and our small BMW was just fine, although getting it serviced was a challenge. If you're planning to drive out in the desert, then a 4WD is mandatory. There was absolutely no risk of car jacking or burglary, but there certainly was the risk of an accident on the road. - Oct 13, 2017
We have a compact car and it's been fine. Many SUVs. But you'll see everything here. - Jan 19, 2017
A rugged SUV with super-charged air-conditioning. Gas is cheap and many Saudis drive recklessly. - May 20, 2016
Mostly Toyotas-Hi-lux 4WD pick ups and SUV's for going into the desert. - Nov 9, 2015
Jeep or something like it. Women cannot drive. The drivers in KSA are the worse in the world. Everyday I see accidents or fender/benders. Traffic is horrendous. Drivers do not obey any regulations. You will see a 9-year-old driving full speed and the mother sitting in the front seat with an infant on her lap. Lots of people are to afraid to drive here. - Oct 27, 2015
Huge SUV's. Women cannot drive! - Oct 15, 2015
You need a newer car if you want to bring one. Only males can drive. SUV's are the best bet due to poorly finished roads and safety. - Jan 23, 2015
SUVs are best. Gas is US$.25 a gallon, so don't worry about gas mileage. Lots of folks have bigger cars, so sometimes harder to see on the road unless you are higher up. - Sep 28, 2014
Many people seem to have SUVs but we don't, and our car has been just fine so far, although getting it serviced may prove a challenge (it's a German car). Driving here is a bit dangerous and really requires you to be ready for anything as the locals don't follow what we would call traffic rules. If you're planning to drive out in the desert, then a 4WD is mandatory. - Mar 26, 2014
There are a number of car dealerships here to include American and Japanese. If you are an explorer and plan to stay on the road (or offroad) and see the country, I would strongly urge bringing an SUV. If you are a city dweller and have no interest in leaving the confines of the city then a regular sedan would work well for you. - Dec 4, 2013
You will need a large all-terrain car. The driving is just plain frightening. Locals pay absolutely no attention to any rules whatsoever. Everyone runs red lights, ignores signs, no one uses turn signals and drivers act like they are the only car on the road. Saudi Arabia has recently been revealed as the nation with the most traffic accidents. I have been to dozens of nations and have never seen anything like this. If you want to walk around the city, use extreme caution as cars to not stop for pedestrians. - Oct 9, 2013
4WD is best, because of frequent car crashes (get a good crash-test rating) and the ability to take them on desert outings. A small car would not be a good idea. - Mar 17, 2013
I would reccomend bringing a 4-wheel-drive car if you ever intend on traveling out of the city. Inside the city any type of car is suitable. Parts seem to be available. Consider hiring a personal driver if you are a woman. - Apr 7, 2011
The roads are in variable condition. Any kind of vehicle would be fine. Parts are available, no problem with carjackings. - Jul 27, 2010
Get something big and sturdy to keep from getting smooshed by the insane Saudi drivers. All US, Japanese and Korean car brands are here and parts are easy to find. - Mar 29, 2010
Most any vehicle would be suitable. I personally do not have one here. - Jan 18, 2010
Wouldn't know - I'm female. - Dec 29, 2009
Anything is fine, although U.S. diplomats are not allowed to drive vehicles off of the Diplomatic Quarter. - Oct 21, 2008
All are acceptable - SUVs abound - hardly any convertibles or motorcycles. - Aug 6, 2008