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Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

I don't know personally, but there must have been some gay or lesbian expats there. Homosexuality is forbidden by law, so I would be pretty careful. - Oct 13, 2017
I would say, PROBABLY NOT. At least, you shouldn't be "out" here. - Jan 19, 2017
No and yes. Forget about openly living your sexual identity in public, but yes, there is gay life within the diplomatic community and some of their Saudi friends. Discretion is key, even within the DQ. - May 20, 2016
The way society is set up here, it is ideal for them. Many of my coworkers are gay/lesbians. - Nov 9, 2015
If you want to be lashed for your homosexuality or killed in the name of the sharia law you are welcome to come here. - Oct 27, 2015
everything here is under the radar - you cannot be open about your sexuality here. - Oct 15, 2015
No, homosexuality is not only frowned upon, it is illegal with penalties of death. If you opt to come, be aware you must be discreet and stay in the closet. - Jan 23, 2015
I wouldn't know. Embassy is supportive, society not so much. - Sep 28, 2014
I don't know personally, but there must be some gay or lesbian expats here. Homosexuality is forbidden by law, so I would be pretty careful. - Mar 26, 2014
I know a number of gay/lesbian expats. I believe they tend to socialize within the Diplomatic community or they stay at home. There is a gay community in Riyadh. It is very quiet and they don't have any attention drawn to them. - Dec 4, 2013
No, not at all. Homosexuality is illegal here. Locals can be executed for showing any signs of homosexuality. Expats will probably be asked to leave the nations. It is not a good idea to come here if you are gay. Even if you do not get kicked out of the country, you will be treated with disgust by the locals. - Oct 9, 2013
Officially, no. There is a death penalty for homosexuality. Unofficially, though, there is a pretty active gay scene, and I have known gay men to be very happy dating here --- although it is all underground, of course, and can be risky, especially if you go out with a local. - Mar 17, 2013
No - Apr 7, 2011
Homosexuals risk prison, flogging and execution in Saudi Arabia. - Mar 29, 2010
I think openly gay and lesbian individuals are severely punished. - Jan 18, 2010
Well, you can go out in public with someone of the same gender, so it's at least a little easier than heterosexual dating. With that being said, it's not a good idea to show that you're anything other than platonic! - Dec 29, 2009
I am not gay, but per my gay colleagues, so many Saudi men are gay and because this is just a male dominated society, no one bothers two guys together. Huge gay percentage in Riyadh. - Oct 21, 2008
Yes. - Aug 6, 2008