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What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

People seemed to have get-togethers at home. I worked most of the time so didn't really have a social life, except for the occasional embassy function or party/dinner with friends. - Oct 13, 2017
Most people hang out at the embassy, go out to eat, or socialize in each others' homes, particularly if they want to drink alcohol. - Jan 19, 2017
Social life is pretty much limited to diplomatic entertaining within the DQ, of which there is a lot. The social life is hyperactive since all theatres, cinemas, concerts, operas, ballets, plays, night clubs, music halls etc. are banned an un-Islamic. - May 20, 2016
Not much. No movies, concerts, shows. Usually embassy parties and compound parties. - Nov 9, 2015
Not many, as I wrote before. Mostly parties at different embassies in DQ, dinners, trips to the desert. On the whole, it is very boring. - Oct 27, 2015
Nothing. Travel outside of Saudi. - Oct 15, 2015
Shopping, restaurants. There are actually lots of private parties with lots of alcohol among expats on compounds and in the DQ. If that is your thing, you can find a wild party scene here. There are book clubs, and card clubs etc. - Jan 23, 2015
Most folks who drink will consume more here than in the States. - Sep 28, 2014
People seem to have get togethers at home. I don't think restaurants are used for that kind of thing. I work most of the time so really don't have a social life here! - Mar 26, 2014
Getting together with friends at homes, Uncle Sam's at the American Embassy. - Dec 4, 2013
There are restaurants and large malls. However there are no nightclubs, movies theaters or concerts here. Most entertainment happens on the compounds. - Oct 9, 2013
Mostly private parties and dinners, since music, theater, dance, most art, cinema and bars are illegal. - Mar 17, 2013
Most entertaining is done in homes, embassies and housing compounds. - Apr 7, 2011
In-home entertaining, and events on compounds are very common. - Jul 27, 2010
Zero! - Mar 29, 2010
Not much. - Jan 18, 2010
Hahahahaha...hope you like house parties! I never drank as much in my life as I did in Riyadh. And bring board games. - Dec 29, 2009
If you are a diplomat, you can have fun. The Saudis drink more than any group of people I have ever seen, so they always want to go to parties. - Oct 21, 2008
Socializing is about the only extracurricular activity -- perhaps that explains why people are incredibly friendly. - Aug 6, 2008