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What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

As a consumables post, we always ship oils, vinegars, peanut butter, jams, jarred sauces, laundry detergent, soaps, toiletries in general, paper products, ethnic foods/sauces/seasonings. Amazon covers a lot of the dry goods. - Dec 13, 2017
Cleaning supplies and liquid food items should be shipped. Thanks to Amazon and the pouch, you can get almost anything else you need. But take advantage of that consumables shipment. Just beware of bringing too much. A lot of people find themselves trying to sell off their extra before departing post. - Jan 25, 2017
Just bring liquids in your consumbles as you can't ship them to post. Bring plenty of laundry detergent and dish soap too -- our housekeeper has commented on how diluted the dish soap is here compared to the concentration of the ones from the U.S. so we go through the local stuff like crazy. People tend to host parties/bbqs a lot so bring things for grilling, outdoor toys, local beers, etc. Would also bring more bug repellents like candles or lights that can hang outside as well as all natural roach spray. - Apr 5, 2016
More liquid and canned items. - Oct 16, 2014
Toiletries, cleaning products, peanut butter, chocolate chips, canned chicken, canned fish, canned salmon, maple syrup, any specialty flours or grains. - Jul 23, 2014
We actually did do it again and we shipped a lot of canned vegetables, and other canned type items. We also shipped some of our favorite dipping sauces. We are always ordering all our dry goods on Amazon. My recommendation is use your consumables only for liquids. - Sep 13, 2013
We're glad we brought pasta sauce, BBQ sauces, spices, Asian cooking supplies, quality toilet paper and other paper products, personal and feminine products, and liquid laundry detergent. Pet supplies are indispensable. - May 6, 2012
I've been around, so I know: anything liquid, put in your consumables. But for everyone else, must haves are: coolers, camping equipment, booze and wine (expensive!), ragu, salad dressing, mustard, vanilla extract. - Apr 2, 2012
You can buy almost everything here if you are willing to pay the price. But bring olive oil (expensive here), mexican spices, paper products, air tight containers to protect food from unwanted critters, brown sugar - Jul 28, 2011
Toilet paper, paper towels, chocolate syrup, more cereal, all babyfood items and diaper-relatd items. - Oct 20, 2010
Basically most food you like you can't get here, so pack it. Anything liquid or glass can't come through the pouch. Wed also bring a ton more books, movies and video games, there isnt a movie theater here, or too much to do once you've done what little that is here. Also canned chicken The chicken here is tough and tastes... okay. - Jan 23, 2010
If you have Westernized children who are picky about their food, then consider these items. For example, Pizza in Rwanda is OK, but not like what you would purchase in the US. The pizza is prepared like what would you would expect in London, and/or Italy. Flat crust, local cheese, and minimal toppings. - Aug 9, 2008