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But don't forget your:

Patience. Sunscreen. - Dec 13, 2017
Hiking boots, camping gear (if you do that kind of thing), shopping bags, and hammock (great for patio especially on lazy mornings when the air is cool and lovely). - Jan 25, 2017
Sunscreen & bug spray. - Apr 5, 2016
Sunscreen and bug spray. Also olive oil - it's quite expensive locally! - Oct 16, 2014
Sunscreen! - Jul 23, 2014
Pet grooming tools. - Sep 13, 2013
Hiking boots, umbrella, and patience. - May 6, 2012
Sunscreen, bug spray and DVDs. Anything with a lithium battery (can't send these through the dip pouch). - Apr 2, 2012
sense of adventure, irony, and humor. - Jul 28, 2011
Hiking shoes, bug spray, outdoor equipment, and a nice inflatable boat - if you have one. People will kill you for it. Those are hard to find and very coveted. - Oct 20, 2010
Patience, Sense of Humor, Movies, Books - especially the guide book, Maps, Sense of Adventure, and soft toilet paper. The stuff they sell here is like newspaper! - Jan 23, 2010
Bike. - Sep 16, 2008
Toilet paper and personal hygiene products. - Aug 9, 2008