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Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

There are 2 vets available (I think), but I have yet to have a reason for them. - Sep 13, 2013
There is one pretty good American vet in Rwanda. Kennels are non-existant, as are pet supplies. Rwandans are terrified of dogs and most housekeepers will not want to work in the same house as one, however small and cute. - May 6, 2012
There are a few vets available, and care is "okay." - Apr 2, 2012
No kennels. There are 2 vets in country. - Jul 28, 2011
You can bring your pets. There are no kennels here. - Oct 20, 2010
There's Alphonse the one armed vet. I don't know how he does it, but he does a good job. And knows all the information you need to export animals. There are no kennels. - Jan 23, 2010
Don't expect vet care, immunizations, and/or complicated treatment plans. Rwandans do not perceive dogs as pets. During the genocide dogs ate the carcasses thus have a stigma. - Aug 9, 2008