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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

. - Oct 31, 2017
You can have it installed once you get your dip credentials. But it is slow. You can get a 4G modem and it is faster but reliability will depend upon signal. It is cheap as well. Not more than US$50 monthly. - Sep 26, 2016
Yes. The cost varies based on location and speed. Reliability is sketchy. - May 17, 2016
Yes - it depends on the company but anywhere from US$8-50 a month. - Jun 30, 2015
High-speed internet access is available for all of the housing areas, but it depends on where you live as to what you purchase. Since we lived on the compound, we were able to purchase it through the employee association for around US$30/month. If you lived off compound, you needed to sign-up with an internet provider such as Yota. - Oct 14, 2014
Around US$100 a month. - Feb 17, 2014
Yes, we use a Yota modem for internet which looks like a thumb drive. It costs about US$30/month although it's not always fast enough to stream movies/TV. - Nov 13, 2013
Beeline, about US$40 per month. Fast enough for streaming. - Jul 28, 2013
Yes and no. Apparently the internet on the embassy compound is pretty good, and my friends who live at Pokrovsky have been able to contract with MTS to provide internet service which is fast. Those of us in the city apartments have more limited options as the apartments themselves are owned by the Russian government and normal internet providers cannot service them. Beeline wired service is available but speeds are capped at 2.5MB. We, and most of the people we know in city apartments, use Yota, which a 4G wireless connection through either a USB modem or modem+router combination. The speeds vary greatly dpeneding on demand, and the connection is quite volatile. We can only stream through a VPN about half of the time. Streaming on the local internet connection is ok if you can find something that will stream in Russia. - Jul 18, 2013
Yes, for about US$30 a month. Usually pretty good. We stream a lot of videos. There are also free wifi hotspots throughout the city. - Jan 13, 2013
Yes, but it varies. For the NEC, 2-5 MB (depends on what ISC has it set to that day) runs $35 per month. - Mar 14, 2012
I have MTS, it's about $36 a month, and is fast enough to stream, if you can find something that will stream to Russia. - May 29, 2011
Yes - Jan 1, 2011
Yes. Internet access is readily available but more expensive than in the U.S. - Jul 31, 2010
Cost is about $40 per month. - May 22, 2010
Depends on your building. I had dial-up at first, but a tenant in our building fought to have high-speed internet and won. The only deal was the 'dish' had to be in his apartment window. - May 5, 2010
Yes. its cheaper than the US , and I can pay my bill at the payment kiosk at the grocery store closest to my house. - Feb 13, 2010
Yes, but pricey - like everything else in this town - are you beginning to see a trend?about $60/month for the connection (that's without any other bundles services) - Jan 23, 2010
Yes. I don't know what it costs though. It's not very high speed, I have to say. Some days it's utterly sluggish. - Nov 6, 2009
At the NEC around $60 a month. It's great--when it works. Otherwise pirate off a neighbor! - Oct 24, 2009
We get internet for $60 a month. - Aug 29, 2009
It's available. We paid about $60 a month for our Internet and it was pretty reliable and fast. - Aug 22, 2009
$40 per month. - Jul 12, 2009
Yes. I paid about US$35/month for mine, but this was a deal for students. - Sep 12, 2008
Yes, we use a company called Corbina that costs US$40/month at the Embassy. Service does go down with some frequency. - Aug 25, 2008