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If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Beachwear. - Sep 26, 2016
Need for privacy. - May 17, 2016
Prejudices about Russia. At first you may be bothered by the fact that almost nobody smiles in public in Moscow, but learn to break the ice and you'll find out than Russians can be extremely warm, friendly and loyal friends. - Sep 11, 2015
Sunscreen! - Jun 30, 2015
Beach clothes, flip flops, desire for privacy. - Oct 14, 2014
Flip flops. - Nov 13, 2013
Smile and ego. - Jul 28, 2013
expectations that Russians will smile much--they don't. But it's not personal. And try not to look for logic in the way things work here. - Jul 18, 2013
Bad attitude. If you want to keep all of the conveniences you get in the States, you need to live in the States! - Jan 13, 2013
Sense of privacy. - Mar 14, 2012
fears of long lines to buy a loaf of bread, your Soviet-era mental image, and your smile when on the street. - May 29, 2011
Russia is not for the weak or faint of heart. Realistic expectations are a necessity. People with lousy attitudes do poorly here; people who hate long winters should NOT come here. - Jan 1, 2011
expectation of prompt and friendly service. - Jul 31, 2010
summer items. - May 22, 2010
Shorts. - May 5, 2010
sandals. Any time spent walking outside will destroy them. The same goes for any white-colored outerwear and shoes. - Feb 13, 2010
downhill skis and snowboard - the nearest decent slopes are a 3 hour flight away in Sochi. - Jan 23, 2010
Smiles for strangers--people on the street will think you are crazy, also don't sing with your ipod while walking down Tverskya. - Oct 24, 2009
Idea that Moscow is easy to get around. It's very difficult to find your way at first and then it gets easier. The traffic and crowds and people can make everything, even the smallest things difficult. It is not a tourist-friendly city. - Aug 22, 2009
Summer clothes, flip flops, baseball caps. - Sep 12, 2008
Bikini. - Aug 25, 2008