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Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Allergies in spring. - Oct 31, 2017
Not really. We have a good MED unit at the embassy and more serious things get you medevaced to London or US. - Sep 26, 2016
Embassy has a med unit with nurses and doctors. - Jun 30, 2015
TB is definitely a concern and you are tested at the end of your tour. Most people were satisfied with the Med Unit, but I still find it funny that it took them 6 months to get a vaccination back in stock. The old RMO was actually pleased that they had Medevac'd over 60 people the year before. I know some people preferred going to the European Medical Center for treatment although not all of the doctors spoke English. - Oct 14, 2014
Local Russian healthcare is poor. Expect to be medivac'd for anything that can't easily be treated at the Med unit. There is one good local hospital, the European Medical Clinic. It's very expensive, evidently, but they can do xrays and other kinds of imaging. Anyone I know who needed surgery was sent to London. American women who are pregnant do not give birth in Russia. - Jul 18, 2013
We have a med unit at the Embassy and the staff is amazing. Fortunately we haven't needed to use it yet. - Jan 13, 2013
TB if you ride the metro a lot. Decent medical care through the health unit and the local Euro-clinic. - Mar 14, 2012
We haven't had any real problems, although falls are common in winter. The embassy med unit is good, and they'll send you to the European Medical Center for anything that requires X-rays, etc. People are medevac'd for anything even slightly complex, though. - May 29, 2011
Local care varies. People with serious medical and mental-health issues generally require medical evacuation to western Erurope or the US, where there is a higher standard of care. - Jan 1, 2011
The air quality is a problem. Most Russians with the means seek medical care at private clinics or abroad. Tuberculosis is a definite problem here. - Jul 31, 2010
There is a good Med Unit at the embassy. A local German dental clinic is great. - May 22, 2010
Good medical staff in the embassy. There is also a European medical center close by for things like x-rays. The Medical Staff is always on call. Dental care is cheaper than in the States. I recommend going to the German dentist rather than the American dentist in the area, though. The German dentist speaks British-English. - May 5, 2010
There are some Western clinics that appear OK, but for anything really serious I would go to Western Europe or the US. - Feb 13, 2010
not as good as can be expected in a city this size. Embassy staff who develop serious medical problems or need operations are whenever possible airlifted to Western Europe for treatment. - Jan 23, 2010
The health unit so far has been fine. Local care would be okay in some cases, but people are sent to London for other things. It's not great locally, but it's not hazzardous either. - Nov 6, 2009
It's cold. Maybe if you have eczema it will act up. Maybe not. Wash your hands. We haven't been sick in the year we've been here. The well-staffed med unit at the embassy is super. - Oct 24, 2009
Good health care at the embassy. I have also heard good things about the American and European Medical Centers here. I received adequate dental care at one of the dental clinics marketed to expats. - Aug 29, 2009
Medical care is pretty good. There's a medical clinic in the embassy. For x-rays and ultrasounds there's a European hospital and an American hospital that give good care, though anyone who needs surgery or serious medical treatment will get medevac'd to London. - Aug 22, 2009
The Embassy has its own clinic. More serious cases are referred to the European Medical Clinic which has a decent reputation and there are various dental clinics as well. - Aug 25, 2008