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Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes perhaps, but getting better with construction for FIFA World cup - Oct 31, 2017
Maybe a little but most metros and stairwells have elevators or ramps. - Sep 26, 2016
Yes. - May 17, 2016
Yes, definitely. The metro is entirely suitable for people with disabilities, and very few buildings and public areas are adapted to their needs. - Sep 11, 2015
Yes - the sidewalks can be narrow and uneven. Also, there are no elevators in the metros and no ramps into buildings or for the buses and trams. - Jun 30, 2015
Moscow is not very ADA compliant. - Oct 14, 2014
Yes. - Feb 17, 2014
There are virtually no handicap ramps anywhere in the city and it can take a lot of time for the streets and sidewalks to be cleared of snow. This would be a very difficult city for someone with physical disabilities. - Nov 13, 2013
The Metro isn't very disabled friendly, at least the older stations. - Jul 28, 2013
Oh, too many to list here. 90% (or more) of the Metro system is not wheelchair accessible. Curbs aren't cut to accommodate wheelchairs. People park cars on sidewalks, so getting around for even the able bodied can be challenging at times. Sidewalks are icy in the winter. If you have a physical disability think twice about coming here, or else you'll be pretty much embassy-compound-bound. Which would be very dull. - Jul 18, 2013
A lot of difficulties. The city is not made for the disabled in any way. It is hard to get around with strollers too. - Jan 13, 2013
Depends on the disability. If you can walk and see, you'll be fine. In Moscow, Russian drivers now largely obey crosswalks, but it's always best to be wary. - Mar 14, 2012
Many. There aren't any curbcuts or ramps or anything you'd need to get along in a wheelchair. The streets and sidewalks are uneven, potholed, and crowded. You see an occasional wheelchair, and I've seen bystander help someone out but I often wonder how they manage. No handicap parking spaces, either. - May 29, 2011
Plenty! This city is not equipped for disabled persons. - Jan 1, 2011
Moscow does not offer any accommodations for the disabled. High street curbs and stairs (with no elevator alternative) are the norm. People with physical disabilities are treated either with pity or as children. In 2008, a Russian domestic airline required disabled passengers to bring a note from their physician giving that person permission to fly. - Jul 31, 2010
Lots. Nothing is set up for physical disabilities. - May 22, 2010
Lots. Beside the large amounts of ice and snow in the winter, there are loads of 'perihods' or underground walkways. Some have ramps - which are nice - but many are stairs. Expect stairs to get into the metro. - May 5, 2010
There are no handicap entrances, and most buildings have stairs, even a just a few, to raise them above the slow and slush level. - Feb 13, 2010
Many -Moscow is not a very friendly city for disabled, mostly due to the fact that the streets are covered with ice and snow for much of the year. There are no elevators for the metro, only escalators. Most of the underground passages (Perekhod) to cross streets have wheelchair ramps, though. - Jan 23, 2010
Lots of problems. It's not wheelchair friendly at all. The Metros are packed, so if you have mobility issues, it would be hard. - Nov 6, 2009
I don't see any support for the disabled. - Oct 24, 2009
The city is not designed for people with physical disabilities. - Aug 29, 2009
This city is not friendly for the physically disabled. We were in Moscow for a year before we realized we hardly ever saw physically disabled people, except some who beg on the street or in the metro. The physically disabled are confined to their homes. It is quite sad. - Aug 22, 2009
Moscow is not a good place for people with physical disabilities. It is next to impossible to get around on public transportation, and few establishments make any effort at all to accommodate disabled people. - Sep 12, 2008
The city is not handicap accessible. - Aug 25, 2008