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Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

Preschools are fine, but not great unless you are paying big $$ to go to TAISM. We were hoping for socialization, so we're not disappointed, but the preschools we visited seem to be just a step above glorified daycare. Some parents have nannies to help at home instead; a few go it alone. - Jun 7, 2012
Several families use local preschools. There is not much in the way of Arabic immersion. Omanis want their kids to learn English, and they start them young. There is a preschool located directly across the street from the two main housing compounds (these hold 14 families) and you can walk your kid right across the street. Preschools end around noon. Pretty much everyone has live-in nannies. The sponsorship system makes it tough to try them out, though, as you need to pay for return to their home country if you terminate their employment. Most are from India or the Philippines. There are no native speakers of Arabic working as domestic help here. - May 3, 2012
Plenty around and pretty expensive. - Aug 25, 2011
Yes, but pricey - Feb 20, 2011
It's available but selection varies and most parents end up hiring a Nannie/cook/house keeper. - Feb 12, 2010
Not sure. Most families with small children had live-in nannies. - Jan 21, 2010
Both TAISM and ABA have early childhood classes (3 year-olds and 4 year-olds). The cost can be quite high. There are also many nurseries around Muscat. Many parents opt for household and nanny help to assist with younger children. There are a lot of help available opportunities, be sure to look into all the rules regarding sponsorship issues. Additionally there is a MOPS style program and standing playdate get-togethers. - Mar 19, 2009