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What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Camping, Off-roading in the desert, travelling in Oman and to neighboring countries in the region, Europe and East Asia. Many people do a Nepal trek out of here, visit Zanzibar, the Philippines, Thailand and the Seychelles, or Jordan, Tel Aviv etc. There is a lot of convenient and cheap travel out of Oman. - Aug 28, 2017
I really enjoyed the attending the camel races and many of the wadi hikes. Snorkeling is also spectacular and free if you have your own equipment. Anyone who has any amount of time in country also needs to do a desert dune crossing trip and camp along the beach as well as in the interior. Such a great experience. - Oct 25, 2014
Camping on the beach, driving off-road, SCUBA at the Dimaniyat Islands, eating the fresh seafood. - Jun 7, 2012
Great outdoor opportunities in a nice, clean country. - May 3, 2012
Travel experiences, meeting other expats from other countries here. - Aug 25, 2011
The Grand mosque, some of the beaches, the scenery, meeting the local people, camping, water sports - Feb 20, 2011
Diving has been great, beach camping, wadi exploring - Feb 12, 2010
Travel within Oman outside Muscat, particularly the various wadi, forts, and desert camps. Also the outrageously delicious and inexpensive Indian food. - Jan 21, 2010