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Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

You can buy a lot of perfumes, shawls, hand-made wooden jewelry boxes and stained glass lamps, Persian carpets/rugs (expensive), frankincense burners and scents. - Aug 28, 2017
Kajars (silver knives), frankincense, bedoiun jewelry/items, and travel. - Oct 25, 2014
Frankincense, khanjar knives, silver crafts. - Jun 7, 2012
Carpets and more carpets, and expensive heavy tables made from old Omani doors. - May 3, 2012
Plenty of local furniture, crafts, and francinsence. - Aug 25, 2011
many local items in the souq, pottery, carpets, jewelery - Feb 20, 2011
Remember that just about everything is imported, even at the local souq...but you can get some decent pashmina's and tablecloths. Get some Omani beads and jewelry. - Apr 1, 2010
carpets, ladies Indian shirts, usual middle east trinkets. - Feb 12, 2010
Bedouin jewelry, khanjars (the ubiquitous traditional dagger), carpets, beautiful furniture of exotic (non-endangered) wood, spices, perfumes, frankincense and myrrh. Just imagine "The Arabian Nights." - Jan 21, 2010
Abayas, oud, knickknacks at the souk, fresh Iranian nuts, plants for your garden, - Mar 19, 2009
Traditional Oman crafts include some lovely silver and textiles. Other things like pashminas and Kashmiri crafts are imported in bulk. - Feb 18, 2008