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Morale among expats:

Good, but some get stir-crazy as the summer grinds on. - Jun 7, 2012
High, because Oman is in general just a good place to live. Morale at the embassy depends more on the leadership there and what section you work in. - May 3, 2012
High, except for the few that are too scared to leave the comfort of their own home. - Aug 25, 2011
Depending on who you ask and what month it is. Right now we seem to be in a slump. - Feb 20, 2011
Pretty good. Depended on the time of the year. Worse in hotter months, better during months when it was comfortable. - Apr 1, 2010
Well, if you were not from the U.S. Embassy, folks really enjoyed it and many stayed for as long as they could. Embassy staff were another matter, moral was horrible for many unless you were military and had the hazard duty pay and free membership to the Intercon Hotel. If you were a State employee, people were leaving in droves that is those who could. It seemed to pick up again right around the time we left but again from what I'm hearing its still dismal. Micromanaging, understaffed issues and the like. Maybe in a few years things might pickup but if your thinking about going in the next say 2 years bid on another position, you'll end up miserable. - Feb 12, 2010
Generally very good. - Jan 21, 2010
Depends on the heat and the workload. A few bad apples.... If you can get out and away and enjoy the beauty and hospitality of the country you can always recharge for the next week's activities. - Mar 19, 2009
Good to excellent. The country is peaceful, welcoming, and very beautiful. Things are getting more expensive but are still manageable. - Feb 18, 2008