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Are there problems with ethnic or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Local women are usually stay-at home moms and don't work. In recent years there has been a hard effort on the part of the locals to employ more women and fight for equal rights for both genders. As far as the expat community is concerned, there is no prejudices or concerns. - Aug 28, 2017
Omanis in general are very tolerant of other religions and women have many more freedoms here than other Muslim countries. But, there are still many limitations on appropriate dress for women. - Oct 25, 2014
Nothing overt or pronounced, but bias does exist. Religions are practiced openly here. - Jun 7, 2012
No. Oman is a very open country. With many Indian and Filipino catholics here, and Indians of various religious denominations. There are many places of worship here. - May 3, 2012
None! - Aug 25, 2011
there are some undercurrents amoung some of the local Omanies regarding non Oman Muslims - Feb 20, 2011
There is a caste system of sorts, but white collar expats are at the top. I was saddened at least to see how domestic help was treated by nationals. - Apr 1, 2010
Again, the single blond female will have times where they are harassed and if your Asian, Indian decent and even if your a white collar expat you will be harassed. There are I think 2 places of worship for Christians and as long as your not trying to convert you'll do fine. You cannot have official or even informal religious gatherings in your home. - Feb 12, 2010
If you are East Asian or South Asian, Omanis automatically assume you are a blue-collar guest worker and may badly mistreat or ignore you. Once they figure out that you're someone of consequence (e.g., a diplomat!), the attitude improves considerably, but it can be tiring being treated poorly on a regular basis by people who don't know who you are. As for religious/gender prejudice, I'm sure that as a conservative Islamic society Oman does exhibit some behaviors that we would consider prejudicial towards non-Muslims and women, but nothing like what you hear about surrounding countries. - Jan 21, 2010
Overall, Muscat is very moderate for an Islamic capital and the Omanis are tolerant people. Dressing modestly and behaving appropriately- no loud or public displays of affection- go a long way in how you are treated. Asian Americans have reported having more issues when mistaken for imported laborers. - Mar 19, 2009
Oman is still in many ways a traditional Arab society and definitely a Muslim one. Women do work, have basic civil rights, and even hold high government posts. Because of the country's ties to East Africa and especially Zanzibar, there is a strong African influence in some ways, but also some color prejudice. Asian expatriates report sometimes being condescended to, as a result of the large number of Indian and Philippine-national laborers and domestics inteh country. There is basic religious freedom but all non-Muslim worship and display is discreet. - Feb 18, 2008